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COSCO SHIPPING Tanker(Dalian) Co., Ltd. short for COSCO SHIPPING Tanker(Dalian) , is one of the core companies engaged in the oil tanker business in China COSCO Shipping Co.,Ltd.. The company began as COSCO Dalian Co., Ltd. and was established in January 1st, 1978.
Our company currently owns more than 40 oil tankers and LPG ships, with nearly 9,000,000 DWT, by the end of 2018 and then the capacity of our company fleet will reach nearly 12,000,000 DWT. Our company’s shipping around over 300 ports in more than 70 countries and regions of the world. Our vessels include the main ship of the company, VLCC with over 300,000 DWT and other oil tankers such as SUEZMAX, AFRAMAX, PANAMAX and PROUCT. This modern and dynamic fleet with competitive advantage has become our brand flagship for developing oil transportation.
Our company consistently adheres to the business concept “Worldwide voyage, Worldwide integrity” and provides our customers with safe, accurate, fast and efficient quality service. For many years, our company has established long-term, stable, mutual-benefit relationships with over 100 domestic and foreign customers and also gained high recognition from them.
Along with the development of oil tanker fleet as the main ship, our company aims at the market and seizes opportunities for development, establishing several wholly-owned shipping companies home and abroad like Pan Cosmos Shipping & Enterprise limited as well as many joint-venture shipping companies, such as Sino-Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. and Offshore Oil (Yangpu) Shipping Co., Ltd. specializing in oil tankers; Shenzhen Longpeng LPG Transport. Co.,Ltd., specializing in LPG carriers; China LNG (Holdings) Co., Ltd specializing in LNG carriers. These strategies optimize the structure of the company’s core shipping business and provide multi-ensuring measures for the healthy development of the enterprise.
Our company has established and invested in many onshore enterprises in the form of sole proprietorship and joint-venture under the guidance of market-oriented and benefit-centered principles. These companies include COSCO SHIPPING Tanker(Dalian) Co., Ltd. Supply Branch;COSCO SHIPPING Tanker Dalian Haven Co., Ltd.; COSCO SHIPPING Tanker Electronic(Dalian) Co., Ltd., etc. Our company’s business involves in such types of onshore industries as shipping supplies and ship repair.
Our company has consistently taken “ensuring the national energy transportation safety” as its own duty and established “Safety is the lifeline of an enterprise” as its safety concept. Our remarkable and permanent safety goal ? “zero accident, zero injury and zero pollution” is embodied in all aspects and links of safety management and the details as well. Our company has been successively awarded various honorable titles, such as “The Safe & Reliable Company”; The First-level Standard Enterprise of National Work Safety Standardization for First Transportation Enterprises”; “The Advanced Enterprises of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in National Transportation Industry”.
Our company adheres to the road of internationalization and scientific management and takes initiatives to be in line with the international management standard. We have introduced “ The Tanker Management and Self-evaluation System” which has been widely adopted by international oil companies and also actively taken the safety management concept from world-famous DuPont Company so as to establish “The Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Management System” with the characteristics of COSCO SHIPPING Tanker(Dalian). In 2011 our company was authorized with “Ship Energy Efficiency Management Certificate” by CCS and hence has become the first shipping enterprise in China with such a certificate. In 2013, our company turned to be the first shipping enterprise in China up to the First-level Standard of National Work Safety Standardization. In 2014, our company redesigned the standardization for the original management system and launched a new version of “Standardization Management System” which marked a new stage for the construction of the company system and revealed the company’s management philosophy of continuous improvement and commitment to excellence.
Our company consistently adheres to the human-based and life-first principle. In the meantime of pursuit of economic benefits, our company takes responsibility for the stakeholders and the environment. Many efforts have been made for social responsibilities, such as active involvement in the public welfare work; coordination and harmonization among the enterprise growth, society and environment; active implementation of the global compact; implementation of sustainable development.

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