General Manager Mr Xu Yazhou Embarked On MT Cosgreat Lake Made Inspections

July 6th, General Manager of the company Mr Xu Yazhou embarked on MT Cosgreat Lake making inspections and appreciated crew members' service and work. General manager Mr Xu Yazhou accompanied by Captain of MT Cosgreat Lake Hong Engui, Chief engineer Lin Maosheng, political commissar Tang Hongwei inspected the board, engine room, cargo control room, bridge and kitchen, etc., having a meeting with crews.

General manager Mr Xu Yazhou representing Party secretary Mr Wang Zenghua and other leaders of the company appreciated all the crew members' great efforts, and praised the management of MT Cosgreat Lake. Mr Xu briefly introduced the economic benefit of the company, safe production and reform situation, emphasizing that safety work was the most important work, crew members were the basic and key point of the safety work. He hoped crew members to improve the safety awareness, especially to make sufficient preparation against typhoon. Mr Xu said, company was always paying close attention to crew members, hoping them to enhance the confidence, work with the land base, make more contribution to the company's development.

In the meeting, Captain Hong Engui representing all the crew members appreciated the company leaders' care for the crews, and reported how was the ship managment and safety managment, cost control and other work. Political commissar Tang Hongwei stated that they would lead all the crew members of MT Cosgreat Lake to well accomplish all the task of the ship.
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