Company delivery of new building VLCC MV Coswisdom Lake
On November 9th, ceremony of christening and delivery of VLCC MV Coswisdom Lake DWT 308,000 was performed at the terminal of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co. Ltd. Deputy general manager of COSCO Shipping Co. LTD, Mr Ding Nong attended the ceremony. Party Secretary of COSCO Shipping Tanker Co.Ltd Mr Lu Junshan, company general manager Mr Xu Yazhou, company Party Secretary Mr Wang Zenghua, leader and guests from CCS, China Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd(CSIC), CSOC, Liaoning MSA, etc.,also attended the ceremony.

Ms Liu Xiaoming christend the ship and cut off the mooring line. After the ceremony, deputy general manager of COSCO Shipping Co. LTD, Mr Ding Nong boarding the Coswisdom Lake appreciated crew members' service and work, visited the bridge and checked the situation of equipment operation. He reminded the crews that should familiar with the vessel's condition as soon as possible, manage and operate the vessel with good skills. Company general manager Mr Xu Yazhou, company Party Secretary Mr Wang Zenghua and other leaders of the company took pictures with the captain, chief officer and chief engineer, and appreciated all the crew's hard work, hoped they would keep on and make sure the vessel's first voyage go well.

On the ceremony, company general manager Mr Xu Yazhou represented our company signed on the certificate of delivery of vessel together with leaders from Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co. Ltd. and CSOC. Mr Xu said, MV Coswisdom Lake was the first new delivery VLCC after COSCO Shipping Tanker Co. Ltd established, while it was also an upgrading vessel. Look back the history, since the delivery of China first VLCC MV Cosgreat lake on 20th December 2002, it has been 10 years development, company now controlled 25 VLCC and 5 new building on order list and became an international well known tanker owner. Company has confidence that MV Coswisdom lake would start a new chapter, and company would have a booming future.

MV Coswisdom lake's LOA is 333 meter, moulded breadth is 60 meter, the deadweight ton is 308,000 ton. The vessel had sediment prevention, etc.

The vessel has lower fuel consumption when loading same quantity of cargo, which is quite environment friendly. MV Coswisdom lake now is the most advanced, most environment friendly and with the lowest fuel consumption VLCC all around the world.  

Delivery of MV Coswisdom lake will consolidate the advantage that COSCO Shipping Tanker Co. Ltd.'s world No.1 tanker fleet. Also it will optimize the structure of COSCO Shipping Tanker fleet in the internaitonal tanker market and enhance the advantage of safety.  
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