Company took delivery of MV Cosrising Lake
On December 28th, ceremony of christening and delivery of DWT 308,000 VLCC Cosrising Lake was performed at the terminal of Dalian COSCO KHI Shipping Engineering Co.,Ltd. Leaders and guests from COSCO Shipping Co.,Ltd, COSCO Shipping Tanker Co.,Ltd, COSCO Shipping Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd, CCS, LR, Dalian COSCO KHI Shipping Engineering Co., CSOC, etc. attended the ceremony. Company general manager Mr Xu Yazhou, safety director Mr Gao Guangqiang and people of relevant departments attended the ceremony.

Company general manager Mr Xu Yazhou addressed on the ceremony, showed warm welcome to the leaders and guests coming to the delivery ceremony, and sent greetings to people who pay attention to and support the MV Cosrising Lake, also sincerely appreciated the crews of the vessel and those constructors. Mr Xu pointed out that Cosrising Lake was the company's second new delivery VLCC after COSCO Shipping Tanker Co., Ltd established. Since the delivery of China first VLCC Cosgreat Lake on 20th December 2002, Company is always remembering the historical mission of protecting our country's energy safety and energy shipping, accommodating the market, always updating the management ideas. Company now controlled 26 VLCC and become an international well known tanker owner, providing strong guarantee to follow the Belt and Road policy and strategic plan of maritime power.

Mr Xu emphasized that in the circumstances of global shipping industry and shipping construction industry keep going low, COSCO Shipping Tanker Dalian and Dalian COSCO KHI Shipping Engineering could help each other and overcome the difficulties which seems being especially important. MV Cosrising Lake will become a new starting point of collaboration of the two companies. On the ceremony Mr Xu sent best wishes to all and wished MV Cosrising Lake would go very well.

On the christening ceremony, Mrs Kuang Shumei as god-mother christend the ship and cut off the mooring line. After the ceremony, general manager Mr Xu Yazhou, safety director Mr Gao Guangqiang and other leaders and guests boarding the Cosrising Lake visited the bridge, engine room and living area with accompany of the captain, chief engineer and chief officer, sending greetings to the crews and wish them a happy New Year.

Before the christening ceremony, our company and Dalian COSCO KHI Shipping Engineering held PDA signing ceremony, company general manager Mr Xu Yazhou and general manager Mr Zhao Zengshan signed the new delivery documents.

On the reception after the ceremony, safety director Mr Gao Guangqiang represented our company making a toast, delivery of MV Cosrisiong Lake was another milestone of the collaboration, and looked forward to the new collaboration.

MV Cosrising Lake is the new generation of VLCC, LOA 333 meters, moulded breadth 60 meters, design speed 15.5 knots. The vessel is quite competitive in regards of economy, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

Delivery of Cosrising Lake will expand the scale of company's tanker fleet, while at the same time will further consolidate the advantage that COSCO Shipping Tanker's world No.1 tanker fleet.
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