Christening and Delivery Ceremony of Mt Coswish Lake

On June 6th, on the second anniversary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, the Christening and Delivery Ceremony for Mt. Coswish Lake, a VLCC of 319,000 dwt, of COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian) was held in Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Port. Present at the ceremony were Lu Junshan, Secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy Party Committee, Yang Shicheng, the Vice Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Energy and the Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian), Tu Shiming, the Secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy Discipline Inspection Commission, Zhao Jinwen, the Vice Managing Director, as well as executives and guests from China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding Trading, China Classification Society, PetroChina Dalian, COSCO International Ship Trading Company, Shanghai Oil Transportation Co., Ltd. and COSCO SHIPPING Ship Management (Dalian Company).

Mt Coswish Lake is a leading vessel of the new generation of energy-saving, environment-friendly, anti-sand series carrier tailored by DSIC for COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian). It's adopted excellent hull line and anti-sand patent design, is a high-quality super-large crude oil carrier with the features underlying safety, environmental protection and economy. With a LOA of 332.5 metres, a moulded breadth of 60 metres, a dwt of 319,000, and a draught of 20.5 meters, the vessel could carry 2,500 barrels of crude oil to pass the Straits of Malacca.
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