Mr Yang Shicheng, Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian), Visit Mt Cosbright Lake

On 11st August, company managing director Mr Yang Shicheng with relevant people of the company boarded Mt Cosbright Lake berthed at Dalian Xingang crude oil terminal, face-to-face with the crew members, and inspected the safety management of the vessel .

Once on board, Mr Yang was given a detailed tour around the vessel by Master of the vessel including the bridge, cargo control room, ships engine room, forecastle deck, galley etc. He also had discussion with crew members on the topics of safety management, training of seafarer.

Mr Yang said, a P&I Club's loss prevention team had boarded Mt Cosbright Lake, the result is satisfying. Club's experienced experts collate and share the good practices observed from ships across the P&I club, and they could suggest better maintenance and operational practices. Mt Cosbright Lake is one of the few vessels belonged to COSO SHIPPING group, proposed to accept the inspection of the P&I club. COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian) will enhance the cooperation and communication with P&I clubs, and will keep providing better technical security to vessels.

Mr Yang emphasized that vessel safety is crucial, seafarer quality is security of the vessel safety. We need to innovate and consolidate crew's training.

Mt Cosbright Lake senior officers thanked for the company's warm care. They on behalf of crew determined to work hard for greater contribution to the company's sustainable development.
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